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Stay protected, ride fearlessly. Discover the power of the new Vittoria Air-Liner Protect tyre insert

Available in two versions designed for enduro and downhill applications, Air-Liner Protect is the lightest insert on the market in its category. Constructed from high-density polymer foam ensuring long-lasting product life, it allows riders to confidently tackle even the most demanding trails and terrains. It provides a robust barrier between the rim and the tyre, offering unprecedented protection against punctures, sidewall slashes, and pinch flats.

Air-Liner Protect enhances the tyre protection from the most extreme impacts, shielding your wheels from the unforgiving elements of the trail. No longer will you fear the wrath of jagged rocks or treacherous roots, for Air-Liner Protect has your back. We have meticulously crafted Air-Liner Protect to shed unnecessary weight from your tyre and wheel system. Air-Liner Protect, with its new “T” shape design, provides enhanced shock absorption, allowing you to conquer even the most demanding terrains with ease.

Furthermore, Air-Liner Protect bolsters tyre lateral stability and bead retention, ensuring that your tyres stay firmly in place, even in the most aggressive sections. And let us not forget - Air-Liner Protect does not impact rolling resistance.

Air-Liner Protect comes in two specific versions, each using the same “T” shape design but tailored to deliver unparalleled performance in its respective domain.

The Air-Liner Protect Enduro version incorporates a lighter density foam. This ensures optimal shock absorption and enhanced handling. On the other hand, the Air-Liner Protect Downhill version boasts a higher density foam, meticulously engineered to withstand the relentless forces encountered during high-speed descents. The Air-Liner Protect insert proves to be highly advantageous for e-bikes too.

Unlike its predecessor, the Air-Liner MTB, both versions of the Air-Liner Protect come as a complete loop, eliminating the need for tedious cutting and zipping.

Air-Liner Protect comes in 2 sizes for enduro (27.5” and 29”), and 2 sizes for downhill (27.5” and 29”). All versions are compatible with tubeless setups only, and with multiway tubeless valves only – a valve is provided in the pack.


  • Size: 27.5 - 29""
  • Tyre Width: 2.4"" - 2.6""
  • Rim Width: 25mm - 35mm
  • Discipline DH


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