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With a near-silent, stealth-like high torque motor from Aikema, which is smaller, lighter and more powerful than others in our range, Open Ticket is just what the discreet electric cyclist needs.

It's lightweight - just 16.5 kg. With a more petite Open frame than its namesake, the Open Ticket is now more accessible than ever.

Battery: Hidden within the frame is a Samsung battery capable of taking you 35-55 miles.

Open Ticket's electric torque sensing system is now well-proven. It will work with you, precisely multiplying your effort on the pedals instantly - tap Open Ticket's pedals, and away you go.

The Open Ticket's drive system is so smooth and silent that nobody will hear you coming, and the battery is so well hidden no one will guess you're an electric bike rider.

Don't just take our word for it:

"Dave Atkinson at E-Bike Tips said: There's plenty of power, too. My benchmark commuting hill is 1.5km at 5%, with a 12% section, and I was plenty happy buzzing up that in the third of the four power settings, only switching up to maximum for the really steep bit. It's quite an impressive motor system, performing better than most of the hub motor bikes I've pointed at the hill. Partly that's probably down to the bike's overall low weight, but it's not just that. The gear range from the 8-speed derailleur setup is just about right, too. Going downhill, the Tektro hydraulic discs offer powerful, dependable braking no matter the conditions."


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