Kross Roamer Saddle bag Large Grey

Kross Roamer Saddle bag Large Grey

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Roamer Saddle Bag L 

 Bicycle bags and panniers are essential accessories for active people who often go on bicycle trips. With the help of these bags it is possible to transport the necessary bicycle accessories and tools. Panniers, on the other hand, allow you to carry slightly larger items.

Characteristics of the Roamer Saddle Bag L

The Roamer Saddle Bag L has a high-quality inverted zipper that makes it easy to open and close. The seat bag is distinguished by a reflective stripe, which increases visibility and, at the same time, safety while driving. The bag is made of durable and solid material, which additionally has Velcro for fastening on the saddle. The material is not scratched or damaged, it is durable. Mounted Velcro, despite its small size, allow you to transport items also on uneven, demanding terrain. The bag has a universal color scheme. The black color has been broken with red accents. There is also a clearly visible Kross logo on the bag.

Comfortable Roamer Saddle Bag L

The universal bicycle bag is designed to carry all the necessary accessories. Perfect for city and mountain trips. Stable mounting of the bag ensures high comfort while driving. Despite its size, the bag is light and does not burden the bike. It is almost imperceptible for a cyclist.


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