Kross Quark 1.0 Battery Light Set

Kross Quark 1.0 Battery Light Set

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Lightweight lighting set made of plastic. The light sources
are OSRAM brand LED diode and 3 LED diodes placed on the
COB board . The intuitive mounting method allows the lamp to be quickly moved to
another bike. The sealed housing protects against water penetration,
enabling use in harsh weather conditions.

Operating mode : - 1 fixed - 1 variable
Weight : 57
Power supply : REPLACEABLE BATTERY Mounting
location : KIT
Material : Plastic
Light source: - Front: Osram LED 1 ± 0.15W - Rear : 3 brand LEDs on the COB plate
Current lighting: - Front: 640 cd ± 20% - Rear : 6 cd ± 20%
Charging method : NO CHARGER


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