Kross HGV 4.00 Pump with Gauge & Extract Hose

Kross HGV 4.00 Pump with Gauge & Extract Hose

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High Volume mini pump with ex-tractable hose, reversible valve and precision gauge. Made from reinforced plastic and aluminium alloy. Easily adapts to different types of valves. Ex-tractable hose will improve comfort while pumping. Fitted with a cover to protect the valve from dust. The included frame mounting kit is easy to install and holds the pump securely with a Velcro fastener. NOTE - bike frame requires threaded holes for installation of frame mounting kit.

Material: aluminium alloy, reinforced plastic Valve system: F/V, A/V, D/V Max pressure: 00 PSI Built-in precision gauge Fastening: plastic composite hand pump mount Additional information: - frame clamp - dust cover - retractable hose

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