NeoMouv Classic ICE

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Our best-selling electric bike just got even better.

Gone are the days of uncomfortably staring at the tarmac wishing the miles away. Our Dutch-style step-through electric bike offers you a fresh perspective on the world around you. With Classic's armchair-like seating position, you will glide through your surroundings, taking in every sight along the way.

Its beauty is in its simplicity. You don't have to be a tech wizard to be a dab hand with the Classic; merely power up the display, start pedalling and watch the miles fly by. It is just like riding a bike (only better).

Classics' built-in pedal sensor will react to your rotations and provide you with all the power you need to get up to speed quickly. The motor will intelligently kick in and out as and when you need it to save your battery if freewheeling but give you an added boost when attacking a hill.

Are you worried about having to stop in traffic? Don't be. With a twist throttle, start to assist; Classic will initiate your momentum, giving your legs a chance to catch up.

Pick a battery to suit your lifestyle – with a range of 30-45 miles (48-70km) or 45-60 miles (70-96km).

Comfortable, practical, and fuelled by fun, with a great range of matching accessories - Electric bikes just got stylish!

Our electric bikes are tried and tested in the hills of the Peak District.

Delivery: Free to collect from us or delivered to your local Juicy stockist, built and ready to go. Expected in-stock delivery - 7-10 days. All prices include VAT.

2 year Standard Warranty

The main parts have a warranty of 2 years. This covers mechanical and electrical components: including handlebars, forks, seat, motor, controller, battery and charger. The main body of the frame is covered for five years against breakage.

The warranty is subject to proper care and reasonable use of the bikes under the recommended rider/luggage weight restrictions.

Consumables, including Bulbs, brake pads, inner tubes, tyres, chains, cables, etc. can be purchased online or from your local dealer.



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