SAND/APRICOT 562wh Urban E-Bike

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With a near-silent, stealth-like motor from Aikema, which is smaller, lighter, and has more torque than any other hub motor in our range, Roller has the understated might to will you up the steepest hills. (and the addition of all-weather hydraulic disk brakes gives you the security and confidence to head back down). 

Atop Roller, you'll maintain your calm in the most demanding of terrain. Roller's electric torque sensing system will work with you, instantly multiplying your effort on the pedals and extending your battery range too. 

With five levels of assistance to suit your energy and a low crossbar for easy mounting, your regular commute becomes a triumph and your weekend ride turns into an epic adventure.

 A lightweight drive and suspension system trims off kilos, making the Roller one of the easiest to maneuver e-bikes in our range.

 The Roller is an all-around tourers bike, with a comfortable riding position and mono-shock suspension; you will see the miles on your LCD rack up in no time.

 Pick a battery to suit you - with a range of 35-55 Miles (55-88km) or upgrade to a whopping 55-75 Miles (88-120km).

Don't just take our word for it.

Cycling Weekly said Roller is "A very powerful electric bike" and "Even uphill, the performance of Roller is stunning."

E-Bike Tips said Roller is a "Good-looking city machine with a near-silent motor" and "A quiet, good-looking city bike at a reasonable price."



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