Kross Vincitore Medium Black Helmet 54-58cm

Kross Vincitore Medium Black Helmet 54-58cm

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Vincitore bicycle helmets

A bicycle helmet can be associated with mountain biking or trips to other not always safe places. The fact is, however, that we should protect our head during every bike ride, also in the city and on a smooth road. We are not always able to control the entire environment and other traffic users, so it is worth investing in all possible measures to protect our body in the event of an accident. The Kross bicycle helmet is a solution for both hobby cyclists and advanced cyclists.


Convenient fastening and adjustment

The presented bicycle helmet has a convenient one-hand adjustment system, so you can freely change the pressure also while riding. Another modern solution is the use of a magnetic chin strap buckle. Thanks to this, the protection provided by the Kross helmet is at the highest level, even in extreme driving conditions. The product will look attractive both on the heads of men and women.


Light bicycle helmet

The weight of the model is less than 300 grams, thanks to which it does not burden the cyclist's head while riding. Inside the Kross helmet there is an insect net. There is also an adequate temperature level thanks to the ventilation holes. The product from the Vincitore series is especially recommended for e-bike and trekking bike users, but also for everyone who approaches sports in a responsible manner.



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