Kross Sentiero DLX Black Large Helmet 54-60cm

Kross Sentiero DLX Black Large Helmet 54-60cm

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Sentiero DLX cycling helmet

The Sentiero DLX bicycle helmet is a product that will meet the expectations of beginner athletes who need increased head protection while traversing forest paths of medium and high difficulty level. It is worth emphasizing that taking up a specific challenge carries a fairly high risk of falling. Therefore, you need to take care of the level of security. The Sentiero DLX bicycle helmet is equipped with two layers that secure the cyclist's head well. This ensures that the head is adequately protected even in the event of a very strong impact.


Extremely durable Sentiero DLX bicycle helmet

The Sentiero DLX bicycle helmet is very durable. This is due to the fact that it was made of ABS. In turn, the inner shell has been reinforced by the use of EPS. In addition, the special design of the product provides increased protection of the poll. The comfort of use is increased by the use of ventilation holes and magnetic clasps under the chin. The product also has an adjustable visor.


Sentiero DLX bicycle helmet - Kross offer

The Sentiero helmet is designed for men, but the smaller size will also work for women. When shopping, the product must be well adjusted to the size of the head. This is an issue that has a significant impact on the comfort and safety of driving.



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